Ordering & Payment


What is the wholesale or bulk purchase price?

The price shown on website is an indicative wholesale/bulk buy per piece. Generally speaking, the unit price is cheaper when you buy in larger quantity or if the total purchase is big. We will let you know the final item price/quote after we have seen your planned order.

Wholesale price does not include the shipping cost.

 What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) for wholesale/bulk order?

It depends on the item. It will be stated in the product page.

Normally, it can be made up of mixed design, colour and sizes of the same product category

Stock availability – we can only provide what is available in stock unless it is a pre-order.

 How do I order online?

 1. Click on ‘Add to Quote’ button on the product page (do not click on ‘Add To Cart’)

2. Click ‘Continue Shopping’ & click on ‘Add to Quote’ button to add more items

3. When finish shopping, click ‘View Quote’ to view the selected items.

4. Enter message and click ‘Submit Request’ to send the RTQ to us

We will contact you shortly after receiving your request.

After we informed you of the total amount and that you are agreeable, we will issue you an invoice and give you instructions on how to make payment.

 How many ways I can buy wholesale / bulk order?

There are 3 ways to buy wholesale or bulk order:

  • Current stock - Select the item on our website
  • Pre-order - request for Sourcing services – we can source your requirement from the factory we work with.
  • Pre- order - “Made to Order” (for certain items only).

In all cases, please write to us via “Contact Us’ telling us what you looking for & how you want us to   help you.

What information do I have to provide when ordering?

Normally, you have to state the following info in the message you send to us in “Contact Us”

  • Style # / Product code (if available/known)
  • Desired quantity & ratio of size, e.g. S x 5 pcs, M x 3 pcs, etc
  • Shipping destination, preferred payment method

 (note: for some product, the packing quantity & size ratio are already set (for example: a pack has 10 pcs: size S x3, size M x 3, size L x 4, which we cannot change; you will have to accept)

Can I try a sample order first?

Yes, you can order a sample order. (for international customers only)

A minimum of 10 items/pieces is required & at retail price, however you can order more. Have a chat     with us first.

 How long does it take to fulfil an order for item listed on the website?

Stock order will be ready in few days (within 3 – 5 days) after an invoice issued and paid.

(For shipping time – refer to Q&A Shipping)

 How long does it take to produce an order/ items not in website?

If pre order production or made to order – it depends on the factory situation so we need to get back to you after discussing with the factory

 I am looking for a specific item not in the website. Do you accept request?

We can see how we can help you to source, just message us with your request.

Please provide us with photos and/or all details such a description, design, material/fabric type, quantity, sizing, photo, etc..

 Can I attach my own label on the clothing?

All items have a basic label with washing instruction, made in Thailand and the manufacturer’s brand.

If you want to stitch your own brand, we will consider that as made to order which we will have to discuss with the factory first

Secondly, you must first supply the brand label to the factory.

As for the charges – it depends on the factory policy such as quantity, whether it is ready stock or not, pre -order production or made to order, how urgent, etc.



What payment method & currency can be accepted?

There are a few options, and if agreed by both parties, it can be done:

If paying online, after buyer received invoice & seller set up the system in the website for the payment:

  • PayPal (service charge of 4% applies which will be included in the invoice). We will send you a payment link by email
  • Credit card & debit cards via Stripe in Shopify secure platform

If paying offline, after buyer received invoice from seller:

  • International money/ telegraphic transfer to: our TMBank account in Thailand or by Western Union, MoneyGram
  • local bank transfer to: our local affiliate/partner (for approved buyer in Cambodia, Philippines)

         All payment to be made in Thai Baht currency.

 Do you have to pay in full?

Yes, we require a full payment to hold the order. In some cases involving regular buyer, we expect a certain amount of deposit before shipment.

As to the shipping charges, we will let you know when the shipper/logistic company finalised the weight of product, including packaging, insurance and give us a quote.